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Upload Your Pics!!

We need your pictures for the yearbook!   The kids LOVE to see themselves with their friends. Here's how to upload your photos:

Email photos to raviniayearbook@gmail.com with child name, grade initial and teacher last name initial (ie, Amy Smith KM or Amy Smith 1B).

Hello, Parents!  

Welcome to the 2020/21 school year!  We know this year will be different for us all, but the Ravinia PTO is here to support our students, teachers, and Ravinia families in whatever ways we can!

This is our Ravinia website where you can:

  1. Register and be included in our school directory
  2. Renew your membership dues online
  3. Volunteer for events
  4. Load our smart phone directory app on your Android or Apple device
  5. Purchase spiritwear, yearbooks, and more!

Explore, navigate, contact us!  We are here to help!

Ravinia School

The 2020/21 yearbook will be a memorable one.  We are working hard to ensure this extraordinary year is captured in a way students will remember for a lifetime.  We want ALL students included in the yearbook and need your help.

Click on the drop boxes below to upload images of your student and be sure to include 1 - 2 photos in the grade specific collages. 

MASK FASHION - pictures of your children in their favorite mask

SPIRIT WEAR - pictures of your children in their Ravinia spirit wear or dressed for upcoming spirit days

SNOW DAY FUN - pictures of your children playing in the snow 

iREAD - pictures of your child reading or recording their minutes for iRead

BOX DAY -photos of at home box making creations (if you already submitted photos to Mrs Nordstrom you do not have to upload again)

HOME LEARNING - photos of your children learning at home

SPECIALS - photos of your children participating in or doing an activity from Art, Music, Gym, or Library.


Collage Pictures - Photos of your child during quarantine doing something that you will always remember.  Examples include an outdoor adventure, a photo of something you created, baked, played, experienced etc.  Please upload pictures of only children in each specific grade in the corresponding drop box.  Please upload 2 pictures per student.









This year parents will be uploading their child/children's school pictures and we promise it could not be easier. 

STEP 1: Take your child's photo against a plain neutral background (easiest to use your phone.)

STEP 2: Click this link http://www.hjeshare.com/eShare/?code=Ravinia

STEP 3: Input PARENT name, parent email, parent phone number, click "I agree to terms and conditions"

STEP 4: Click the FIRST green button which says "Click here to upload a student portrait due by 2/15"

STEP 5: Follow the prompts to pull your image from your phone or computer photo library and crop the photo per instructions  (students head and shoulders should appear in the crop tool box)

STEP 6: Input STUDENTS grade, first name, last name, and teacher (see below)

  • If HYBRID - teacher should be inputted as follows "Teacher last name - AM or PM"  (ex. "Derry - PM", OR "March - AM")
  • If REMOTE - teacher should be inputted as "Remote - Grade" (ex. "Remote - 3rd", or "Remote - Kindergarten")

STEP 7: CLICK "upload portrait image" (make sure the portrait image square is not blank) and a "Success." response message should pop up.  


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Ravinia School

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